If you ever find yourself in the need for residential power washing services, The Wash Doctor has you covered. No matter how big or small your home is or where it may be located, The Wash Doctor offers a variety of useful services that can help to drastically upgrade the outer appearance of your home. The following is a short overview of the residential services we offer:

House Wash

If you are having trouble with stubborn, unsightly substances such as mold, mildew, and dirt, having your home power washed is a great way to get rid of these hazardous and unsightly substances. Having your home regularly power washed is a great way to maintain its aesthetic value over time.

Hardscaping Cleaning

The hardscaping on your property could serve to add value or as an eyesore that distracts from its beauty. By having your hardscaping regularly power washed, you can easily remove hazardous substances such as mold, dirt, and grime. No matter how long you have owned your home, this is a great way to keep your property looking tidy and new at all times.

Wood Restoration 

If you are having trouble with wood-built structures on your property, we can help. Having your wooded structures power washed can help bring weathered wood that has been damaged by the elements, back to its former glory.

Concrete Cleaning 

Although it is a highly durable, useful material, concrete tends to become highly unsightly over time due to weathering as well as everyday wear and tear. Do you have concrete structures (such as driveways, walkways, and patios) that appear a rusty red or black or green in color? This is a sign that they need to be power washed. Contact us today to get these areas of your property looking brand new again.

Deck Restoration

Do you have a deck on your property that could use some extra attention? Power washing is an excellent way to restore neglected decks of all kinds. With the ability to restore old decks that are weathered, painted, stained, and more, contact the Wash Doctor to get your deck back to the picturesque platform you originally paid for.